March and April in a Nutshell.

If we're going to be specific about the breed(?) or species(??) of nutshell, I will say acorn. So you can mentally edit the title to March and April with Little Acorn Hats On.

I don't need to explain to you what March and April were like for me, because, I mean, you were there. We laughed. We cried. We saw the sun come out for, like, a day, shoved our coats in suitcases for the season, and muttered a few words under our breath when we had to stomp down to the basement to get them all out again the next week. 

Er. Maybe that was only me.

Anyway, the world hasn't shifted in any crazy direction since I last posted on here. I do apologize for the time gap– I am finally getting a breath of the sweet, sweet air that is summertime in the midst of a suffocating amount of research papers and creative writing workshops. Don't get me wrong, I love my major, but it's a relief to be typing here instead of typing the first sentence of a report with a 2,000 word minimum. *Cringes internally*  *And externally* 

Yeah, March and April were busy, and concerning the weather, a whirlwind. This Spring has been a whole lot of schoolwork, artwork, and regular work, with a little bit of sunshine peeking through the cracks.

I'm ready to see some May flowers right about now. And no, pilgrims, I didn't mean you. What are you doing on the Internet anyway...


I will talk to you lovely people soon. I promise.

So... Until then!


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