Welcome to the Circus – Art Show Weekend!

A combination of little sleep, a lot of coffee, and a blur of pencil and pastel can only mean one thing– art show weekend. Fenn's is a local coffee shop in West Chester, PA.

I mean, usually it is. 

This weekend, though, it was a home to bearded ladies, sad clowns, and just the right amount of freaky. The coffee shop hosted our (partially) circus/freakshow themed show, complete with a popcorn machine, a circus tent, and more balloons than any one building should have.


Once again, I had the chance to be a part of it all; and once again, I was blown away by the creations of my peers and friends. So thankful to be surrounded by such incredibly talented people. 

If you couldn't make it to the show, firstly, I'm sorry for your loss.

Secondly, here are just a few examples of the cool stuff you missed out on. 

(all credit goes to the artists of the West Chester Art Collective!)

One art show, one coffee shop, but so many unique styles and approaches. 

The inspiration I found in this beautiful body of work should be enough to catapult me through finals week in one piece. Maybe. And if not that, then these little guys as a tiger and bearded lady should do the trick.

Come on, summer, I can almost feel you. No, wait, I can actually feel you. On my shoulders. After sitting outside most of today. You hurt. Thanks for nothing. 

Okay. Now I'm just procrastinating.

Sleep tight, friends.



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