Greece is the Word

So I've been a few places during these past few months. One of those places being pretty far away from the manure-smelling comforts of Lancaster. 

I had the opportunity to travel to the island of Andros in Greece for a global writing workshop called Aegean Arts Circle. Which was, you know, fantastic. We laughed. We cried. We ingested enough olive oil to overflow an Olympic swimming pool.

I could go on for days about the brilliant minds I got to work with there, and the inspiration I drew from collaborating with writers of all ages from, quite literally, all corners of the globe. I had the rare opportunity to completely suspend my reality for 10 days and be immersed in a culture so vastly different from my own, because Andros is one of the few Greek islands that's barely been touched by tourism. It's remote and scarcely populated, and because of that it's, in my opinion, one of the most authentic places in Greece you can visit. Imagine being stranded on a desert island, only it's really damn beautiful, not a desert, and the meals are grilled octopus and fresh feta cheese. The conversations that happened over our mealtimes alone served as an enlightening and educational experience. Alright, so I might have been a little bit distracted by whatever exotic dish was sitting in front of my face for dinner that night. Ya got me. 

Trying to get at the heart of my experience in Greece in a measly little blog post is like trying to shove an oak tree into an acorn. Which doesn't completely make sense, but I'm going to leave it there, because it's kind of a funny image, right? You're totally trying to picture it now too. It's... yeah, it's not actually that funny. 

I do not have enough room, time, or language to accurately illustrate the capacity of my experience. 


Greece was visually breathtaking. It's a place so rich in history, and you can feel the weight of it around you as you walk down the (dangerously slippery) marble sidewalk in Athens– the Acropolis perched on the horizon like some wise old bird.

So I'm going to leave you with just a few of my favorite captured moments from the trip. You fill in the blanks. 

Wandered down a street on Andros. Saw many stray cats. Went back to visit often with food and they more or less adopted me as one of their own. Was very honored.

I told you I ate an octopus leg.

The Acropolis in Athens in all of its glory.

Good day to you, Athens. 

The two things you can't avoid in Athens. Motorcycles and graffiti. Not that I'm complaining.

Try not to drool profusely all over your keyboard from looking at this white chocolate crepe from Andros. 

View from my room on Andros. I'm lucky. I know. 

The locals on Andros talked about eating raw limpets straight from the sea. Did I snag a knife from the hotel restaurant, stick it in the hip of my bathing suit, swim out to the rocks and carve myself a complimentary snack? You betcha ☺

Fell in love with these mornings over and over.

Hóra, the capital of Andros. I challenge you to find water so blue. 


So that's just a little sliver of my story. If you've stuck with me this long, thank you.

Now go work on writing your own. I can't wait to hear all about it.



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