about the (art)ist

To Whom It May Concern,

Which Is You.

My name is Erika Glass, and I make things. I've been doing this for some time now. The things I make– they vary. Some are shapes and colors, some words and rhymes. The way I make them varies, too. Some get my hands dirtier than others. Whether they're charcoal drawings, splattered watercolors, or free verse poems, I hope these things make you feel something. Happy, relaxed, confused out of your mind– what you feel is up to you. But I hope it's something. That's my goal. It always has been.

I see these things I make as perspectives. In my work, I try to illustrate some element of the human experience in all of its raw, magnificent detail. Through words and images, I try to capture the moments of clarity in life– the silent thoughts of a child who can't sleep, the reflection of light on a wide-opened eye, the grip of a hand holding another as tightly as it can. I think these are the moments we all share, we all know. They're the ones that make us human. You might say they're the ones that can't really be captured. I know. That's why I said "try".

So friends, friends-to-be, and above all, fellow humans, here are the things I've made. Browse if you will, buy if you'd like. I'm glad to be making your acquaintance, even through words on a screen.


Thank you, truly. I hope you find what you're looking for– on my site and elsewhere.


All of my best,



e: Erika@ErikaGlassArt.com