hey Erika, I have a question

You: So, how long will it take for me to get the print? 

Erika: At this point, you can expect to have your print within a week and a half of your purchase. It may be shorter, and I'm crossing my fingers that it is, but about a week and a half is the expected time span. 

You: Okay, well what about if it's on back order? 

Erika: That means that I don't have physical inventory of the product at the time you ordered it. Once I get the notification that you want a print, I'll get it made and mailed out as quickly as possible. Don't worry– backordered products won't take forty years to get to you. You can expect to receive them within about two weeks. 

You: Great, that works for me! An 8x12 print on poster paper is nice and all... but my philosophy is go big, or go to another art site. Can I order a bigger size?

Erika: Absolutely! If you have a special request for the size or medium (poster paper, card stock, canvas, ect.) of your print, please email me at Erika@ErikaGlassArt.com. I will do my very best to give you the print of your dreams. But remember, larger sizes and heavier printing mediums will cost more.

You: Got it. Just one more thing. I feel that I am a unique and one-of-a kind individual, and because of that, I want my print to be unique, too. Will there be anything that sets my print apart from every other?

Erika: Funny you should ask– I will sign, date, and number your print before sending it your way. If you'd like, I'll write "For (Your Name Here)" on it too. Or doodle a picture of your favorite animal. Or write out my favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. I'll make it as personal as you'd like it to be– just let me know in the comments section of Checkout, or shoot me an email.

You: Sounds perfect. Looks like I'm ready to go! 

Erika: Wonderful. If you come up with any other questions during your time on the site, you're always more than welcome to send me an email– I'd love to hear from you. Til then, I hope you enjoy your print!

You: Thank you! 



You: Wait, would you really write out a Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe on the back of a print...

Erika: Some things are too good not to be shared, my friend.